Commercial Roofing

EPDM roof in Platteville, WI


As a building owner or property manager you need a roof system that will protect your buildings contents and not require a frequent investment.  EPDM is a low maintenance roofing product with a long term system life.  It has high elasticity which allows it to expand and contract during our extreme temperature changes without cracking. It can be installed with few or no seams, which decreases the likelihood of leaks and allows it to perform in the event of ponding water.

Another component of EPDM roof systems is the insulation board. It not only provides a clean, consistent surface to which EPDM can adhere, but also allows you to insulate your building sufficiently. We use different layers and thicknesses of ISO insulation board to meet the insulating needs and the budget of our customers. Tapered insulation can be installed to create pitch, if water pooling or lack of roof pitch is a problem.

EPDM installation in Mineral Point, WI

Heinrichs Roofing & Siding is factory trained and a Warranty Eligible Roofing Contractor for Mule Hide Products, a manufacturer of quality low slope roofing products since 1906. We have installed EPDM on many businesses, churches, and apartment buildings.

Self-Adhered Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit) is another roof system designed for low pitch applications.  It is usually a less expensive option than installing a single ply system such as EPDM.  Historically Mod Bit had to be installed using torches or hot tar which created greater liability because of the open flames and heated asphalt. Today Mod Bit is designed to be self-adhering, eliminating the need for torches or hot tar.  Because of this it’s popularity has grown.

A benefit of mod bit is that it is durable.  It is more difficult to puncture than EPDM.  It also comes in several different colors, which make it popular in applications where the roof is visible from the ground or an adjacent window.

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Following is a list of some of our recent commercial roofing projects:

  • Mound City Bank
  • Belmont Fire Department
  • Kopp McKichan Geyer Skemp & Stombaugh Law Office
  • Peace Lutheran Church
  • Helker Jewlers 
  • Garvey’s Auto Service 
  •  Montfort United Methodist Church