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Benefits of Siding Your Home

Increase the value of your home– Installed properly, siding can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal.  It can add as much as five to ten percent to your home’s value.  The value of homes in the same neighborhood can vary ten percent based on their siding, even if all other attributes are equal.

Eliminate maintenance- Repainting your house can cost thousands of dollars and typically lasts only 4 or 5 years before it begins to flake and peel.  Painting it yourself can save money but can be extremely dangerous if done without appropriate safety equipment. Replacing old, painted siding with new vinyl siding eliminates maintenance and gives your home a fresh look.

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Improve energy efficiency– Energy efficiency is often not considered when evaluating the benefits of re-siding. Before installing your new siding, we can first install insulation board and house wrap.  Insulation board comes in 4 ft. by 8 ft. sheets of varying thickness.   The thicker the insulation board, the higher the R Value. After installing insulation board we can then install house wrap.  House wrap is designed to repel water from outside and allow water vapor from inside to escape.  Its purpose is to protect the structural framing of your walls from moisture damage as well as limit air infiltration which increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Often times older homes either have no in wall insulation or the insulation has settled and is no longer effective. In instances such as this we can drill holes in the sheathing and blow insulation in-between each stud before we start the siding process.

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Installing vented soffit is another way to improve energy efficiency. Vented soffit allows your attic space to vent properly. In the summer, this will drop the temperature in your attic, making your house easier to cool. The vented soffit also extends the life of your shingles.  In the winter, it removes the warm, moist air from your attic, which reduces the likelihood of ice dams forming on your roof.

Protect against water damage- Siding protects the wood structure of your house from water damage. If you have any exposed wood on your house, such as window and door frames, beams, or posts, we can cover them with aluminum using our metal brake.  We can custom bend metal to the exact size of any exposed wood on your house.  This eliminates the need for painting and protects the wood from rotting.  We also bend metal flashings to install where roof lines meet exterior walls. The flashings go on under the siding to prevent leaking where the roof meets the wall.

Certainteed Shingles and Siding

We offer siding in a wide variety of colors, styles, and trims including:

Vinyl siding- Comes in many different colors and styles.  It also comes in varying thicknesses. Thicker siding looks better and is more durable. It looks better because it is more rigid which makes the joints fit tighter which makes it less likely to bubble or oil can. We prefer to use siding that has a .046 or .048 thickness.

 ■Vinyl Shakes and Scallops This product mimics the look of wood shakes and wood scallops without the maintenance of painting.

Engineered Wood Siding – LP Smartside is an excellent choice for people who prefer the look and feel of wood siding. It is made of wood fibers but is superior to wood in that it has no knots and will not cup or warp. Zinc borate is applied throughout the material during manufacturing to prevent decay and termite damage.

■Steel siding is an extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing siding product. The joints fit tightly together and it does not buckle or sag. Another benefit is that steel siding is 100 percent recyclable. The drawbacks are that it is a little more difficult to install and very difficult to fix if a piece becomes damaged.

■Aluminum siding is very long lasting and has a lot of the same benefits as steel siding. It costs slightly less than steel and is a little easier to install. Steel is a more durable and less likely to dent.


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